Matt Simpson


Way back in the dark ages of the web, before Facebook, before Myspace, even before Google, computer geeks with nothing better to do built personal websites, hand-coded in HTML, and uploaded them to steam-powered computers where almost nobody saw them. Content was usually pretty boring: pictures of themselves, whatever pets they might have, etc. They would frequently include lists of links to other sites of interest to them, and maybe of interest to those few viewers who might find their page. Prior to the existence of search engines, there was some benefit to this. If you somehow found a website owned by someone who shared your interests, it might provide links to other sites that would interest you.

That's a pretty good summary of what this site used to do. And, joking aside, it did attract a fair amount of traffic in the early days, when other online sources of information on some of the topics featured here were very scarce. But, as the web has expanded exponentially, and the content here is no longer being frequently updated, this site has become somewhat stale and anachronistic. Back in the pioneer days, I was proud of the fact that my site consistently appeared in the top 10 results returned by search engines when searching for my name or some of my hobbies. Now it's probably not even in the top 100.

For a few years, when the blogging craze was trendy, I experimented with that, evolving through a few different software platforms. But as Facebook began to dominate the net, that's where most eyeballs were heading. So although my lame attempt at blogging still exists here, it is no longer being updated, and like the rest of the content here, its relevance is waning as time moves on.

Since there are some other advantages to having my own domain name and network presence, the site continues to exist. Most of the underlying content still exists, so that deep links to content hosted here will still work. But as much of the content is obsolete, I no longer see the need to maintain a portal advertising its existence. So I'll just leave this front page here in case you've seen the domain name somewhere and wondered what, or who, was behind it.